Monday, 30 November 2009

Insurance Policy Exclusions

Insurance can be so confusing. You get so tired and bored reading the policy that when you get to the end you tend to skim over the last parts. One of the most important parts of the insurance policy is at the end though - the endorsements section. Here is why you should pay close attention to this section.

Most policies' basic coverage forms end with a section called endorsements. Endorsements add to, take away or change provisions contained in your basic insurance policy form. Endorsements are typically one, two, or three pages long each.

One reason insurers use endorsements is to save money. If they have new provisions or have changed provisions in their policy, using an endorsement will allow them to save on re-printing costs. The insurance company simply adds an endorsement at the end of the policy to incorporate the new or changed provisions. So be to sure to check this section when you are purchasing insurance..

Endorsements are often used to restate a policy provision after a court decision interprets the provision in question in a different way than the insurer has been interpreting it. So you can see why you need to read this section carefully after you have finished looking at the basic policy.

Most commonly, endorsements add exclusions not stated in the basic insurance policy form. For example, in home owners insurance policies these often include such things as dog bites and home daycare services performed for a profit. Also typically flood and earthquakes are excluded from most home owners polices. Separate policies can be purchased elsewhere.

Knowing what the coverage is excluded by an insurance policy is very important, especially when comparing insurance policy quotes.


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