Monday, 30 November 2009

Is Gold a Good Investment?

Gold has been used as a medium of exchange for more than six thousand years, this is one of many reasons why gold was and is considered one of the soundest investments to own. Gold just like any other investment out there can only be recommended if the investor's goals coincide with what gold is likely to do in the future. If the investor's goal is to take a high risk investment in order to see large and quick returns; physical gold may not be the best investment that coincides with their goals.

If an investor is looking for an investment for the long term that has low risk; physical gold would be the ideal investment in that case. One other aspect about gold is unlike other investments gold can not become worthless because of the actions of a few, unlike a stock or a bond. If the organization that issues the stock or bond is engage in dubious accounting practices, the value of the stock or bond can be affected drastically.

Gold coins and bars have been shown to hold its value or sometimes even increase its value when the manufacturer of the coin or bar ceases to exist. The reason for this is if a gold coin stops being manufactured it can essentially mean that coin becoming a collector's item. Also if the coin was not manufactured extensively it can mean it becoming rare as well. To answer the question is gold a good investment, knowing the investor's goals is one of the most important factors in answering the question.


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