Monday, 30 November 2009

Is Using a Bad Credit Repair Service Necessary?

Let's face it. No one likes debt and to be honest it can downright get on your nerves. From creditors calling to unpaid bills, it can prove to be frustrating. I know because I have been there. I have tried to repair items myself and even worked with creditors to settle the disputes. (Yes, it was sometimes nasty and labor intensive!) If you find yourself attempting to repair your credit then you could go the same route or you might want to consider a bad credit repair service for help. Both ways have benefits.

Before you begin, you should first obtain any bad credit history so you can get a good view of the overall situation. This can be done from all three bureaus and you can even get a free credit bureau report annually. If you uncover any inaccurate items then by all means dispute them. This can be done simply by sending a letter to the creditor on the report asking them to prove the charge. If they fail to do so within 30 days you can ask them to remove it based on credit laws. However if you don't want the hassle of going through that process then you might want to turn to credit repair companies to help repair your bad credit.

These companies include debt counselors, debt consolidation loans, and more. These are becoming a more popular choice due to the fact of paying one company every month instead of writing different checks to a number of companies. Going with a service can also help to possibly rid you of any outstanding debts which may include credit card payments, loans, student loans, and more. You may also be able to lower your interest rates and avoid declaring bankruptcy. If you decide to go it alone then know that you can contact creditors and work to draw up a payment schedule and even negotiate a settlement on your terms.

Finally, you'll want to take action before any further damage is done. Also as you work to get out of this situation understand what got you here in the first place. Sometimes life has a way of bringing about situations that we can't control that cause financial hardship. But overall for the majority of people debt is not the disease, but the symptom of self control. If you choose to do it yourself or use a bad credit repair service, make sure to deal with the real reason why the debt occurred in the first place.


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