Monday, 30 November 2009

Sparkle of Online Investing Enhanced by the Bullish Gold Market

There seem to be an awful lot of commentators with an opinion on just where the price of gold is heading. Recent increases have focused attention once again on this precious metal. Of course there are both bulls and bears putting forward what they think, only time will tell what the outcome will be.

Personally my Bullion Vault account is now looking very healthy and as a way of diversifying my investments this is currently a success. The question is will this upward climb continue or will the bottom drop out of this particular market?

Reading various reports I'd say the balance is in favour of a rise in the value especially over the long term. You can take your pick as to where the price will end up but I've seen figures ranging from $2,000 to $6,000 an ounce over the next 12 to 24 months. Of course there are also opposing views that predict a price drop but even these see this as a short term dip rather than a major market correction.

I think it is clear that holding gold as part of your investment portfolio is a wise move and Bullion Vault is for me the most convenient and economical way to do it. You are able to fund your Bullion Vault account from your bank account so there is a quick and easy path for funding.

You can choose to hold your gold in London, Zurich or New York (or a combination) and you receive regular statements on your account. The security is first class and you are immediately notified if your account is accessed so that you know just what is going on.

Whether you decide to invest a portion of your funds in gold is a personal choice but overall I think that it is a wise move given the positive reports circulating at the moment. As a proportion of your overall portfolio most commentators recommend something in the region of 5%. This may be a little conservative and you may want to up this slightly if a short term price drop does occur.


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