Monday, 30 November 2009

Stock Trading Facts All Beginners Should Know

Stock Trading can be a lucrative livelihood if you play your cards well. If you can become a good one, it will be like a bank where you can always withdraw money. Stock trading involves buying and selling of stocks done in a large market called stock market. All the technical details will be learned as you go in but the vital thing that you need to understand first is how the market works. Stock trading is done in two ways, physically on the exchange floor and electronically through the internet.

It will be hard to miss in the movies or TV shows the New York Stock Exchange where brokers and traders are like in the market shouting at each other looking at figures in the numerous screens in front of them. Stock trading is originally and still done this way usually through stockbrokers. The second method is done electronically with the use of a computer and a broadband internet. The trader will directly do the buying and selling via his computer and brokers need not be present. This second technique is much faster and quite efficient. Confirmations of trade transactions are instant and you have complete control of your investments. Many financial tools like pension and mutual fund prefer the electronic method of stock trading.

Although trustworthy and reputable brokers are very useful to those who are new in this business, their services are no longer needed when you become an expert. The huge fees you pay them may go to other worthy investments such as stocks. What is more important is that you acquire all the necessary education and experience to enable you to move to the stock market world with confidence. All necessary information are just within your reach if you will just research for them well.


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