Steps to buying cell phones at cheap price

Cell phones or more popularly known as mobile phones have become a necessary part in our lives. We can’t think of spending a single moment without this thing. A cell phone comes in different types, colors, styles and features. You not only need the phone only for the sake of communication, but, it is also a symbol of status. Along with talking, you can also send emails, messages, download music, take pictures, etc. But, it is not wise to spend your hard earned money too much, so, you need to know how to buy cheap mobile phones.

Types of cell phones

Though cell phones come in variety of style and features, basically it is of 3 types. These are:

• Basic (Bar Style) cell phone: This type is the oldest model of cell phones. At a later stage it has become more slim, sophisticated and sleek in design. It is convenient for those users who don’t want to open their phones before answering a call. It has also key lock facility.

• Flip/clamshell cell phone: This model has become very popular with the trendy users. The flips enable the phones to close and become smaller in size. It comes with camera and other features.

• QWERTY keyboard style cell phone: This is the recent innovation in the cell phone market. It has a same keyboard as that of a computer. So, you an easily type messages using this keyboard. It comes in variety of styles.

How to buy cheap mobile phones

You can save money and buy cheap mobile phones, if you follow the steps mentioned below:

• Identify your necessity: You need to identify your needs prior to buying a cell phone. You must think of the reason you want to buy the phone. Along with talking, if you want to send text messages also you can go for the basic types of phones. If you want to be a bit stylish and want to have additional features like, camera facility, music download option, voice recording option, etc, you can opt for the flip type. If you want further modern features like accessing the internet using keyboard like that of a computer, you can go for QWERTY type of phone.

• Check with your current service provider: You can check with your current service provider for the various cheap prepaid cell phone carriers like, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Virgin, Nextel, etc and see their rate plans. If you go for prepaid plan, you have to purchase pre-minutes by paying a fixed amount.

• Compare the prices: You can search the internet and compare the prices offered by different companies. You can also compare prices with your local phone dealers and select the model which will best suit your budget.

After you have done the necessary things in order to buy cheap mobile phones and have selected a model, you need to go to a local shop and make your purchase. It is advisable to purchase from a local and known shop, because if any problem occurs, you can get your phone replaced easily.

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